Custom Kitchens Highett

The team at Touch Wood Cabinetry are regular award winners, recognising the outstanding craft with which they create custom kitchens.

When a New Custom Kitchen is on your Mind

Our team start by gathering all the information you can provide regarding the function and form you wish for your new Highett bespoke custom kitchen. This feeds into a detailed brief, one that delivers within the set budget. This is then used to action the highly professional design and construction processes that deliver the kitchen you’ve always wanted to admire and use.

The Key Elements of your Touch Wood Custom Kitchen Project

With a lead designer whose past life involved time spent as a professional chef, and who retains that passion for cooking, it’s no wonder that design is at the forefront of all we do. As well as seeking out the best new European and other designs, since 2004 we’ve also developed enduring relationships with the finest of the area’s architects and designers.

Quality of component and workmanship is another of the tenets on which we focus to deliver high end custom kitchen (as well as bathroom, wardrobe and many other home joinery) projects. Our materials are as durable as they are visually stunning; the standards we set emphasised by the fact that even any steel supports are crafted in-house. These are incorporated with the cutting-edge technology which forms such an intimate part of modern-day custom kitchen designs.

Finally, it may be that the space or shape of your Highett kitchen area is unusual. Where other kitchen companies may tell you what can’t be done, our passion is always to find the solutions that will simply add to the style of the finished project.

Describe the Kitchen you Want to our Experts

Here at Touch Wood, the first step is to listen. Our initial consultation for any project is always obligation free, so tell us what you picture, and what you practically need. To start this conversation, either call 03 8555 9738 or take a moment to complete our simple enquiry form.