No matter the kitchen size you are working with, being conscious of your kitchen space can transform the functionality and overall look and feel of your kitchen. Between utilities, cooking space and storage there’s plenty to keep in mind when designing a kitchen! The final product should be stylish yet functional and with a few simple design tricks your kitchen can be transformed to a chef’s paradise.

Unsure where to start? Read on to find out how you can create the space conscious kitchen of your dreams. Sink space: You may be used to having a double sink with a drainboard but transitioning to a single sink can extend bench space for the better. Typically, kitchens will include a dishwasher which is a great way to ensure added bench space, making the double sink no longer necessary!

Sink Space Minimalist hardware: Cabinetry handles can often look cluttered. There are many options to choose from when including minimalist hardware into your kitchen. Cabinetry with integrated handles is a sleek option and here at TouchWood we can customise your cabinetry and handles specifically for your project and style. Other options can include push catch doors for a complete invisible handle look, or subtle handles that connect to the top of a draw. Each option plays an integral part in your final kitchen design!

Minimimalist kitchen drawer Cabinets to the ceiling: The advantage of having cabinets that go to the ceiling is that it creates extra storage space while also keeping the kitchen looking sleek and clean. Tall cabinets avoid unnecessary gaps between cabinets and ceilings where dust and clutter can build up. The only disadvantage of tall cabinets is that anything at the top of the cabinets can be hard to access. Our tip? Keep your least used items at the top shelf so you don’t have to stretch to reach them each day!

Cabinets to the Ceiling Mirrored splash backs: Creating the illusion of more space can make a kitchen feel larger and less cluttered. Mirrors can be used in a multitude of ways including splash backs and the backing of benches to reflect the rest of the room. If your kitchen design suits the integration of mirrors it’s a great option to look in to.

Mirrored Splash Backs Wall mounted storage: If your kitchen space has many walls to work with, a great option to enhance more storage is shelving on walls. This works well to display frequently used or special items you want to show off. Wall mounted storage can look great on empty side walls or above bench space. Integrated Appliances: Being space conscious can also be achieved with illusion. A great way to create a seamless kitchen is to hide large utilities like dishwashers and fridges in custom cabinetry. The end result looks clean and minimal especially when paired with hidden hardware. Looking to create the kitchen of your dreams? Partner with us and we’ll help guide you in making the best design decisions with our expert team.

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