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Kosher Kitchens Melbourne

Kosher kitchens Melbourne residents know they can trust, provided by Touch Wood Cabinetry’s specialised and award-winning kitchen design and installation experts. 

Since 2004 Touch Wood Cabinetry has built an unmatched reputation for crafting luxurious and technologically-advanced Kosher Kitchen designs in Melbourne. Each kitchen is in tune with the kosher dietary separation requirements held and valued by many appreciative members of Melbourne’s vibrant Jewish community.

As you would appreciate, meeting all milchig and fleishig requirements for Kosher Kitchens in Melbourne is in the forefront of our detailed planning process, including our use of stunning 3D drawings. All these requirements are achieved long before you and your family can appreciate, and make great use of, the two distinct kitchen zones, and our innovative use of space, for many terrific years ahead. We have the experience to work to the strictest interpretations of Kosher actions and processes.

Kosher Kitchen Designs

Kosher kitchen designs are unique, matching the most tried, tested, and secure of traditional methods to allow compliance with all dietary halachic laws of the Torah. These needs are then paired with our state of the art modern style designs, each married to truly cutting-edge, perfectly-aligned technology. 

Our own kitchen warehouse in Melbourne offers an example of our commitment to the highest quality effectively completed kosher kitchen designs. We also carefully guide you towards the right surface options to avoid the problem of porous surfaces, such as porcelain. Added to the vital practicality and compliance to halacha, our Kosher kitchen designs turn dreams and feats of imagination into the kitchen you have always longed for. 

Touch Wood is there to actualise the ideal kosher kitchen from which many recipes and dishes that have been passed down through the generations to you, will be prepared by you, to your closest family, relatives, and friends on weekly Shabbat meals, Chagim, and throughout the week.   

Luxury Designer Kosher Kitchens

– The Practical Elements

Custom-designing high-quality modern kitchens can take longer than a standard one. We know well that the design, development and installation demands a greater time commitment. You can expect the highest level of professional skill and energy from our experienced and talented team. Key areas we pay particular attention to include:

Effective separation and distance between the meat and dairy areas; providing ample space for each to function as a confusion-free separate entity. This distance is a vital way of avoiding any cross-contamination situations. 

Managing with the doubling-up that’s part of any Kosher kitchen. Double sinks and stoves are a given; as are large food preparation areas. This allows for both cooking and cleaning processes to operate at the same time. Touch Wood Cabinetry meticulously accommodates the need for double the storage space for items such as plates, linens, utensils, pans and cutlery; yet we achieve this with imagination and an acceptance of any space limitations. 

On request, we can provide practical labelling that draws subtle attention to the Milchig zones vs the Fleishig zones to help your guests avoid any confusion. 

We discuss specific needs carefully with each of our clients. Examples of such conversations can provide advice relating to appliances including integrated fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, or oven technology to meet Kosher and Sabbath mode requirements, while still operating as they need to.

Kosher Kitchens Created in Melbourne

Our talented Melbourne-based Touch Wood Cabinetry team delivers custom-crafted Kosher kitchens in the key Melbourne bayside suburbs including Caulfield, East St Kilda, and many other suburbs across the city. We have also completed projects for many of our repeat clients at their holiday homes or for investment properties situated well beyond the city limits.

Start a conversation about your unique Kosher kitchen now

Whether you have a well-formed plan, or simply a basic desire to talk about possibilities for a new kitchen, the first step is a friendly conversation with one of our highly experienced and award-winning team. This will be as free of chutzpah as it is of commitment on your part! Simply complete the enquiry form below and our team will be in touch shortly.

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