When you’ve decided that it’s time to create the kitchen of your dreams you’re greeted with various decisions, schedules and budgets. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home and can be the most complex to design.

Being a significant financial investment, it’s vital to be as prepared as you can to make sure you’re across all the details including design, layout, fabrication and functionality.

We spoke with Lior Morsky, Touch Wood’s Director and Lead Designer to share some of his key tips to know before buying and redesigning a kitchen!

Read on to find out more.

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1. You know yourself and what you need first:
When it comes to design, you’re the best person to decide how you want to navigate your kitchen. Do you like having a sink by the window? Or do you want enough bench space right next to your stove top? All these details matter and now is the chance to get it perfect.

2. Work within the dimensions:
Get to know the space you’re working with from top to bottom. Be realistic with what you can achieve in your space, do you have high ceilings? Are you working in an open plan or a separate room? Each element can determine your kitchen layout, so get to know your dimensions and the factors you’ll be working around.

Kitchen Design

3. Is this kitchen child safe:
Will children be around this kitchen often? If so, you’ll need to think of some safety designs such as the placement of utensils or the choice of cupboards and draws. Getting the balance of accessibility and safety should be considered accordingly.

4. Investment and quality:
The kitchen is arguably the most used space in a home, so you’ll want it to last a lifetime. Invest in good quality materials to ensure your kitchen will endure all the time spent preparing meals and hosting dinners. A good quality kitchen is also a fantastic investment if you wish to sell your home as it adds instant value and increase your return on investment.

5. Do your own research:
Take time to create a moodboard and explore the different possibilities in how your kitchen could look. Photo examples are the best way to communicate what you’re after with your designer.

Kitchen Design

6. Obtain samples:
Have fun playing with different samples of floors, bench textures, cabinetry colours, splash back choices. This way you can see in real life how they look together, how your home’s lighting looks on it

7. Get various quotes and ask all the right questions:
Get to know the market and what different places are offering, you’ll be surprised at the different between places. Once you’ve chosen who you want to work with, be sure to enquire about timeframes, delivery, installation and repairs before signing on, so there are no surprises!

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