The Alchemy House designed by Dylan Farrell is an innovative and luxury home with detail spread to each corner of the home. Dylan’s vision for this home was ‘to craft a quiet, yet shameless blending of neoclassical Parisian detailing, contemporary New York eclecticism and an undertone of Hollywood Golden Age glamour.

Our Director Lior had the pleasure to be a part of this project, using his expertise in customer cabinetry and toolmaking to reinvent the wheel many times.

This project was challenging and unlike anything we’ve worked on before. No two rooms were the same which required us to think out of the box in creating new pieces. In this home, you’ll find cabinets with inbuilt speakers and doors made with horsehair instead of mesh. We had to take new materials and transform them to have an old and rustic finish. Every detail was different, making The Alchemy Home a world of its own.

The Kitchen

Custom kitchen
Photography: Sharyn Cairns

There’re many details in this kitchen that take it to the next level. With stunning custom brass rangehood, wood island bench, charred oak finished cabinetry with brass handles, this kitchen is no understatement when it comes to entertaining.

The Master Bathroom

Custom master bathroom
Photography: Sharyn Cairns

The master bathroom holds elegance in every corner, featuring a stunning marble bathtub, brass sink and our custom master vanity.

Bookshelf Details

Custom Bookshelf
Photography: Sharyn Cairns

Our custom joinery using wood to create this unique inbuilt shelf has detailed brass edging to reflect light from the window.

Overall this project took a dedicated few months to complete. It was our absolute pleasure to work with this talented team and to be nominated for the CocoRepublic best kitchen and best bathrooms awards.